Wednesday, June 05, 2013


I made it back from Costa Rica...barely. You should've seen me you guys. Ever seen The Walking Dead? I was like a zombie - but not angry or hungry - more like dead, just dead. But I had to actually move if I wanted to get home on that last travel day. Somehow I made it, one foot after the other, one airport after the other, with a fever and aches and all that. I've never been more glad to crawl into my own bed.

Sorry for the dramatics. It probably wasn't that bad. What happened is on the last day at the resort I contracted this nasty respiratory virus and have had trouble breathing and coughing. (Apparently when you're pregnant, your immune system is shot, and it takes much longer to recover from normal bugs.) I'm on this really expensive medication to make sure that the baby gets enough oxygen. No biggie. I just can't breathe. Again, sorry for the dramatics. I'm just in that kind of mood. Me & the babe will be just fine.

I finally felt more energy yesterday, so Nikki and I walked downtown and got some Mexican food and gelato. It was a beautiful night! And the duckies were out at the lake. :-) It's good to be home.

But I have to say this, Costa Rica is a beautiful place, and the people - the PEOPLE - that's what I really miss. If you're my Facebook friend or follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen all my photos, but I'll post my favorites here. They hopefully give a look into how wonderful this trip was. Despite my strong dramatics about getting sick, my gratefulness at being able to experience this completely exceeds all that. 

Yes, that's a volcano! Somewhere in Central America.
Baby Samuel - there are no words for how precious this boy is.
Ash in action.
fresh mangoes
rainy season
local schoolyard
Puentarenas, CR - where we stayed our last two days
Jeff's $6 haircut. No joke.
gosh I love this man

Adventure isn't missing,


Ashley said...

Im sorry you were so sick :(
But I had SO much fun with you! Loved being your travel buddy. Great post!!! Xoxo

Jessie Ammons said...

Beautiful photos - and I loved your sunset photo last night! Tried to give ya full credit: