Friday, July 26, 2013

Deep, deep post. Be warned.

I try so hard to like raisins.

I'm not sure what the problem is. They're just gross!

I even made a dish the other night that included plump, golden California frickin' raisins. I've endured them in this dish all week, and finally had to pick them out today. I just cannot handle the texture.

Guaranteed there are some still there, the little buggers.

Then I realized the only other food I really don't like are cooked green peas. I'm seeing a pattern here. Small, round, squishy foods don't make my mouth happy.

Just thought you all might want to know that fun little fact. Am I crazy?

xo! Happy Friday!

Friday, July 19, 2013

It's hard to beat a text like this.

This morning, in the middle of putting on my eye base color, my phone buzzes.

It's a text. A good friend is spontaneously inviting me to a weekend away at the beach.

Jeff is right there, as I tell him about it, he's saying GO!! "I see this as an investment into our marriage." I like the way he thinks.

So as soon as work is out, I'm off! I'm heading to Seattle to pick up another friend on the way. We will brave Friday rush hour traffic on I-5, then the rolling Black Hills on Highway 8, then pass through my hometown on Highway 12, then I'll follow the smell of salty marsh all the way up Highway 109 to Seabrook.

Ever been there? It's a lovely town. The homes all feel like nice, family cottages. There are fire pits and bikes to use and play fields and shops all right there. Not to mention the beach is right across the highway!

The summer is going by way too fast, and I want to squeeze the most out of it. I swear, Baby K has more adventures in my tummy than I ever did all growing up. He or she is bound to be a world traveler.

Here are some pictures of our last trip to Seabrook, two years ago, all taken by Jessie, who's coming again!

Here we come, Seabrook.

Me on Black Beauty

I'm so grateful for getaways like this, and for friends who are spontaneous. It keeps me on my toes, and keeps adventure in my heart. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

summertime baby

I just have to share these recent pictures of my nephew, Ollie. Isn't he a doll?!

Happy little guy!

Elbow dimple.

I wish I could sleep like this.

 Baby Profile:

3 months old
big blue eyes
long fingers
I'm jealous of his eyebrows [I know a good brow line when I see one]
squishy little body
he's addicted to his mom's breasts and gets a nice milk glaze in his eyes when he drinks a lot
he likes taking walks, it means he's strapped close to his mama and they help him relax and fall asleep
he coos and get big eyes when I sing to him
he likes Bob Marley & Jack Johnson
he was a total champ when he got his shots but it made Heather cry to see him cry
he's strong, really strong! [for a 3 month old] 

Kisses for Ollie! xoxo

I adore you, sweet boy!

I hope you're all enjoying summer and making the most of your days!
I'm going to post about my trip to Cabo soon. IT WAS WONDERFUL.

Love to you all. Adventure isn't missing, that's for sure.
xo, Rose