Tuesday, January 22, 2008

anyone out there?

Tonight I did something I rarely do. And by rarely, I mean probably 17 times ever. 17 because that's how many places I've lived in my short life.

I cleaned under my bed. Not that there's junk and dirt and spiders underneath. None of that. There are a few cool rolls of wrapping paper with Rosie the Riveter printed all over, old photos and painting supplies, but the more you shove under there, the more it all gets pushed to the middle - then before you know it Rosie's head is peering out from under your bedskirt.

I found the old iBook collecting dust. It hasn't turned on in about a year. But I pulled it out, and I know I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to command it to come to life.

"Come to life."

And it did right then. And here I am typing on it.

I have a big piece of butcher paper up on my wall and at the top I wrote: I will see the impossible become possible before my very eyes!

And I did tonight.
Isn't that a cool story?