Friday, December 21, 2012


Can I take a moment to shamelessly boast about my friends amazing music?

I know a lot of my readers already know (about) the Hallstrom's. We hold their babies, we worship together, some have grown up with them, we tell stories together, we have non-repeatable text conversations (Kate!), we support and encourage each other through life.

But for those of you who don't know of these beautiful people, you really should. The first time I heard their music, it was 7 years ago, in the fall. Tom & Kate had just gotten married, and gave out a mini-album as a wedding favor. I was hooked on their harmonies and words. Then their EP came out, under the name Novalis. The album is Strange Parade. And it's on iTunes, so check them out! I can't decide of Johnstown Flood or Saints and Children is my favorite song.

Well, they are a family of Hallstrom's, so naturally they changed their name from Novalis to Hallstrom. Tom & Kate are the heart & soul of the band, but the thing I love is that it's a family gig. Tom's brothers and dad are band members and a huge reason for what they're doing. I love that - I think that's so rare.

They opened this weekend for Classic Crime and we heard a few of their new songs. I've said it before and I'll say it again: they need to be heard by many, many people. There is a message in what they write that reaches into a rich but imperfect past, and tells stories that give hope for now. The words make you think. It was inspiring and so, so fun. (The way Aaron double-fisted those chains was awesome. You'll hear it in their new song: Tallest Tree.)

So go check out their new music: HALLSTROM.

I even got a shirt.
Adventure isn't missing,

Friday, December 14, 2012

A First: The Kline Christmas Season

This last weekend we all went Christmas tree shopping. And here I am, surrounded by my closest friends, from left: Jeff, my husband; Jen, Connie & Christy. I just love these people. Thank you to Allen's Tree Farm for putting up with our loud laughter, questions about your babies and wives, looking at every.single.tree on the lot, and sticking around way too long and eating your candy canes. We like you, and we'll be back next year. 

It's our first tree. A Noble Fir.

Hot guy, stringing the lights.

They were so patient, waiting to be placed.

Makes me happy. So peaceful.

And here they are, ladies & gents.

Adventure isn't missing!
Merry Christmas,