Monday, January 23, 2006

Beach House

I took a nap Saturday afternoon, and woke up just as the sun was setting. I managed to do a little exploring along the beach, and took some of these lovely pictures.

More Photos

So this weekend we went to our youth leaders retreat at the Cline's beach house on hood canal. It's a beautiful place! Here are some photos of the weekend...
Roni daydreaming...
Sam was telling a story about Tim here.
Kyle, Eric, Sam: Brave Hunters.
They tasted better than they looked.
More food...
Dave mastered this game.
Guess who this lovely lady is...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

a few Christmas and New Year photos

Notice Tylers face on New Years!
Olivia and I on New Years night
Jill on New Years night
My nephew Jeremy and my mom's smile at Christmas!
My nephew Jaymin at Christmas!

Friday, January 06, 2006


I just want to clarify the origin of that last picture I posted.

Some of you are thinking it's human beings from Aslan's blood line... some of you are thinking it's Christy wearing my mullet wig... Timothy thinks it's his own family (what a sad thing to get confused about)... and God forbid, some of you think it's my family. No, the man is Tony Allen. If you don't know him, his hair has beautiful black locks, and when grown out, causes an afro. I don't know where the woman and child come from, because last I heard he was single and childless. Props to you Tone-loc, I'm so glad you finally grew it out and aren't hiding your true self. You rock, Tony!

ALSO... I really want to know who posts as "anoymous" and sneaks in DC Talk lyrics. Listen to me, you don't have to be afraid of revealing your identity. You're loved an accepted here with open arms, as are all DC Talk fans.