Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baby Mania

I'm going to be a total mom here, and post a gazillion pictures of our kid.

He or she is only 13 weeks along but has had two photo-shoots under his/her belt already! What's a mom to do, but post it all?!

I had to go in and see our midwives unexpectedly on Friday, so we got some pictures then. And then once Jeff got home, we went again on Monday and got some more pictures and heard the heartbeat. 

You guys: our kid is flippin' awesome. As I was watching him on the ultrasound screen, I got this sense that he or she (I'm gonna say he to make it easy...if he ends up being a girl, sorry honey!) is the happiest little buddy. He is sooo joyful! He was having a great time, just hanging out, bouncing around, and was just so active and happy. How do I know he's so happy? I have no clue, I just do. I seriously think our kid is going to bring so much more joy into our lives, if that is even possible. We are completely thrilled and so grateful that he's healthy and doing wonderful. 

After seeing pictures and watching him for awhile, it makes this little life much more real. I've been feeling great (other than that dumb virus) great that sometimes I would even forget I was pregnant. But after seeing him, he's constantly on my mind, if not in the front, then in the back. He's a little 2.5" long human that I find myself talking to now, praying for and love already. 

So are you guys ready for some baby mania?! Here you go - enjoy!

This is his first picture. See that his ankles are crossed? 
I think that's super cute, but what makes it more cute is that Jeff crosses his ankles when he's laying down to go to sleep too. :) So sweet.

This is him getting measured. He did good - he stayed still for this part.
The rest of the time he was moving around quite a bit. 

I love this one because of his sweet face! Doesn't that look like a smile? 
Right after this picture he took his arm and put it back behind his head - chillin'. 

Here he's sucking his thumb!! (Can you see the individual fingers?) I did the same thing as a baby. 

Fist pump for being the fastest sperm!!!
And it looks like he's wearing the mask of Zorro. You go, little baby.

Hide and seek. I have no clue where he is here.

The rest of the pictures are from Monday, which is why he's changed positions. 
When the pictures came out the midwives were shocked at how clear everything showed up. 

 We just adore the little profile. 
We enter the 2nd trimester this week.

Thanks for reading!
Adventure isn't missing!


Jenni said...

So very exciting!! Thrilled with you guys, love the baby mania :) You go girl, it's your time!

Rose said...

Oh thank you Jenni!! You make being a mom look wonderful.

Debbie A. said...

Congrats, enjoy every sec!!

Ashley said...

Ahhhh!! Love this!! He/She is SO cute :D

Rose said...

Thanks gals!!!!!!

anthea said...

i love his little nose in the last pic!!!