Wednesday, April 26, 2006

just thinking about things

I'm bugged that I've been unmotivated to write anything lately. Like most people, I have this need to express myself, and if my expression gets stuffed up inside, I get bugged.

Last night I was at my friend Nikki's, and she showed me her portfolio filled with all sorts of artistic & creative expression - graphic design, furniture design, photography, sketches, paintings. You name it, she's probably done it. It was interesting and personal and it spoke of great inner depth; plus she's just freakin' talented. Anyway, it really inspired me to find a new way to express myself when I can't find the words.

That's the problem with most forms of communication. If I want anyone to get me, I have to TALK. And use WORDS. Or sign language.

I think it's time to start painting.

Friday, April 07, 2006


I'm sorry to say, you have failed the test. I was waiting for one of the brilliant friends of mine to notice the mis-quote at the top of this page. Alexander Meiklejohn did mot write those words. It was in fact, Robert Frost. Thanks for playing. (Good job calling me on it, Jenette Warne.)

New Photos

These are some of the photos from my most recent print job. It was so much fun - I got to work with some really great people.

A Kitten Named Cy

Cy is short for Cyclops. He was born to a family in Oregon, but he died on his second day of life. It kinda freaks me out.