Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lake Melakwa

Hi everyone - I know I've been gone from my blog foorrreeeeeevvvvveeer, which has been sad for me. My lovely iBook decided to blow a fuse or something and it's not turning on. Which is sad too.

But what's not sad it the latest hiking adventure I went on. And it was definately an adventure. It was beau-ti-ful! It was myself, Jill, and Heather. First of all, we saw a bear. It attacked me! Just kidding, it was one ridge over, just hangin out in some grass, probably eating some berries or some small woodland creature. And we made our way through a ton of snow (looked like an avalanche!), and we actually didn't make it to Lake Melakwa because we decided we'd rather not die falling through the snow to the river below and live to face the bear. :) Kind of a toss up, I know.

Anyway, life is good. Life is busy. Summer's here! Sort of. It's raining today, but I'm looking forward to a ton more hikes!

Please comment - I'd like to know I'm still loved in blog-world.