Friday, November 30, 2012

How Deep the Father's Love, for me

Jeff & I are leading worship this Sunday, so I've been listening through our song set all week. This song is wrecking me! Ugh, tears. Tears at home, tears at work and tears everywhere in between. I'm aware that I'm a wretch. But may I be aware that He made me His treasure.

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Favorite Christmas Song

A teenage girl and her soon-to-be
A simple trip far as they could see
The sky was clear and the hour serene
But did they know what the night would bring

Lonely hearts strewn across the land
They've been waiting long for a healing hand
My heart was there and I felt the chill
When love came down and the earth stood still

Shepherds stirred under starry skies
Tasting grace that would change their lives
The angels trembled and the demons did too
They knew very well what pure grace would do

The hope of the world in a baby boy
I remember Him well like I was there that night
My heart was there and I felt the chill
When love came down and the earth stood still

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Any chance to smooch this guy, and I'm there. As of last night, there's mistletoe in our apartment, so now Jeff HAS to kiss me whenever I want, as long as I'm carrying around that twig. Isn't that the rule? Lucky me. Lucky him. What's the deal with mistletoe, anyway? Anyone know how that tradition started? 

Christmas time is here! We hit up Molbak's, Crate & Barrel, World Market and McClendon's this weekend to get ready for the raddest Christmas tree ever. Small, woodland creatures (and maybe even furry, white polar bears) will be making their appearance on this blog very soon. I just know it will bless you. Get ready.

Adventure (and kissing) isn't missing,
Mrs. Kline

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Is anyone out there listening to any new worship music? I've been listening to the Torwalts & Harbour Live a lot, but what else is out there right now? Any suggestions would be sooo appreciated.

I'm liking this one right now...especially right around 4:30. 

Thanks, Netty, for sharing this song with me!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Sweet Potato + Sausage Soup

Last night I made a delicious fall soup. If you're into making soups, this one is easy and so, so good. I found the recipe here

sausage, spinach, sweet potates, onions + garlic

It was the perfect night to stay inside, out of the darkness and rain...and away from felons. Apparently there was some big bust a block from our house. Something about a stolen car, and a criminal on the loose. The officers outside our house were telling everyone to stay inside. So Jeff and I ate soup and watched the search helicopters circle our block and all the police cars (Bellevue & Clyde Hill officers came as back up) for about a half an hour. I still haven't seen anything in the news about it. Hopefully something shows up - I'm curious and want to know if I everyone's ok and if they got the bad guy!

view from our deck, looking into DT Kirkland
Adventure isn't missing,