Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I love this print!

Found Here

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The History of the Sky

Watch this.

I wish there was a way to capture life like this. Where every day is a box, 
filled up with the most meaningful moments.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ukraine's Green Mile Tunnel

I'd like to be the conductor of the train that runs through this forest.

I'm in love.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

This is the Short Version

The day: Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

The scenario: Jeff, Kati and I were going on an early sunrise hike, but because of the rain, we cancelled. 
So Kati and I decided to go to Oddfellow's for brunch instead. Fun, right?

The problem: I woke up that morning sicker than a dog. The nasty head cold I woke up to provided me with a migraine, which provided me with the nausea. BUT! I would prevail. I was determined. I hadn't spent time with her in months and I missed her! I had new music to show her! She had new music for me! I couldn't just cancel. I probably should've stayed in bed, but I knew I could come home and sleep the rest of the day. 

But what ended up happening that day was completely different and wonderful - a day I'll never, ever forget. 

Kati picked me up and drove me to Oddfellow's. 
While she was "parking", and I was "going in to get seats" I ran into this fine fellow.
(Kati, you sneak!) :)

The Fine Fellow

He hijacked my day. 
He put me on a boat.
And asked me if I would be his wife.

I said yes!!!!!

He hadn't realized I was so sick until I was actually on the boat looking for the best place to puke my guts out. Luckily I didn't! But the whole time he was so sweet and so understanding - and then eventually I could actually sit up and carry on a normal conversation. 

I started feeling better, and it ended up being the perfect day, just two best friends hanging out and in love.

I can't wait to be Mrs. Rose Kline. 

boat picnic

the beloved ring (more stories to come about this!)

our view of Lake Union from the electric boat he drove - so pretty & peaceful!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

and finally, Michigan

LOTS has happened over the last month, and it would be wrong to get ahead of myself, so I'm going to write about Michigan, and then move on with my life.

First of all, can I just say I love the light tunnel in the Detroit airport? One morning around 5am, during one of our layovers there, we were the only ones walking through. It's so dreamy. Then again, when you're in love, everything seems dreamy. Until I ruined the moment by spilling coffee all over Jeff. Whoops.

It was my complete joy to meet Jeff's family. They instantly felt like my family, and I was at home with them. Mike, Lynne, Allison and Cayden are in my heart now and I find myself missing them.

Let me describe them.

Mike: all smiles, all sweetness, full of unexpected humor and depth. I'd met him a few weeks prior to our trip, when he came out here for the week the MC's graduated, so we were acquainted. I knew I really liked him, but it's an entirely different thing when you're staying at someone's home and apart of their day-to-day life. My favorite moment with him when when we were sitting around an outdoor bonfire one night. At that point, I knew in my heart I would marry Jeff, and become apart of the Kline family. But as Mike and I sat there talking, I was overcome with it again, so grateful to become apart of a family, with a dad, who is loving and faithful and kind. I don't know if he could tell I was crying, but I was. His example to me as a father to Jeff and Allison, a grandad to Caden and a husband to Lynne makes me trust not only him, but the son that he raised to be just like that. Since then, we've exchanged meaningful letters and conversations and I can say that I love Mike!

Lynne & Mike on Crystal Lake
Lynne: beautiful, down to earth, unassuming, with the best, dryest humor ever. As soon as I met her, I knew we would have a real friendship. She had a way of making me feel comfortable even though it's the first time we'd ever spoken. When I was expecting to be drilled with 20 questions, she sweetly gave me space to talk and get to know her with ease. My favorite moment with her was when we were walking along the foggy beach of Lake Michigan (photo below) and she told me how she came back to Christ, and they eventually adopted Jeff and Allison. Her openness to me about her story surprised me - mainly because I realized she was trusting me with a deep part of who she is. I respect her so much and I can only pray to be the type of mother she's been to them. Side note: It was cool watching Jeff laugh at things she would say. He loves her humor and gets that same dryness from her.

Lake Michigan Lighthouse
Allison: fun, endearing and brutally honest. I couldn't help but appreciate every quality of Allison when we met. I never had to guess what she was thinking, because she would say it. When we first met, she hugged me like we'd been old friends forever. She's been through so much in the last year and you can see how tired she is in her eyes. But she is a miracle. She really shouldn't be alive right now, but she is! In the midst of some crazy health problems, she's been raising a beautiful son, working and bought a beautiful home. I'm inspired by her drive and persistence through it all. One morning I was getting ready in the bathroom and she sat down and talked with me while I got ready. I love that she made a place for herself in the middle of my routine. In that moment, we felt like sisters.

Caden: no words.

Okay, so yes, there are words, but words will never do this kid justice. He's honestly the sweetest little guy I've ever met. He gets his endearing side from his mama. He has so much energy and is so curious and excited about everything he sees. There's not a rebellious bone in his body - just pure wonder. I loved the way he trusted me instantly by giving me his little hand to hold. I probably won't see him until the Spring...too long!!
Some more favorite highlights:

saw my first firefly
climbed the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes
rented a beach house on Crystal Lake
long walks
lots of coffee and cherry pie every morning
saw "Raising Arizona"...a goodie
Jeff bought me a beautiful antique jade necklace!!!
meeting Jeff's bio family
swimming in Crystal Lake
watched old videos of Jeff as a kid :-)

Jeff & Caden

There were so many wonderful little memories that can't be put into words (like sitting on the dock on Crystal Lake) that I will remember forever. This trip made me more confidant than ever that Jeff is a man I love and trust and respect. He's someone I want to spend my days with.

It was hard coming back from a trip that was so defining and meaningful. It felt like I was jumping onto a moving train when I got home and haven't slowed down since. Because of that, it's taken time to slowly process all of it and more and more realizing the value in all of these relationships Jeff and I both have. Family is so important because it gives us something bigger than ourselves to be apart of. It reminds us where we come from and that we're miracles, placed by God to be connected to specific people at a specific time....fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


There's a nursing home in Kirkland called Merrill Gardens. I used to go there and read to patients, do crafts, just talk and we even did a modified version of swing dancing once. But on Halloween this year, they dressed up like zombies and did a choreographed dance to Thriller. Elderly Zombie Apocolypse - - yes please! Watch all the way to then end, 4:33 is hilarious.