Friday, June 28, 2013

I passed on the bull kelp.

If you've ever wanted to go kayaking in the San Juan islands....DO IT. Call Angie at Crystal Seas...she and her husband Johannes have run the business for years and years, and know what's up. Their tour guides are super cool and fun. And seriously, who wants to miss out on possibly kayaking with the orcas, or snacking on bull kelp!? Ok, so I passed on the bull kelp, and we didn't see any orca whales this time

Jeff, our good friend Nikki and I went on Saturday and we were the only ones in our 3-hour tour group, so it was just really relaxed. I didn't take very many pictures, so I borrowed some from Nik's facebook.

by Nikki

by Nikki

bull kelp snack time

Nik's lovely locks
The ferry ride home was really entertaining. :) 


Ashley said...

FUN!! :)

Manzanita said...

Very entertaining, also the video. I used to love to kayak. I still have my kayak but haven't used it recently although my whole family takes long kayak trips.