Friday, May 25, 2012


Once my basil decides to grow and get really big and luscious, I'm going to make this. I've never done it, but always wanted to. It looks so good. My stomache is growling, no joke. And it looks so easy.

Plus I think this video is absolutely beautiful. If you want to see it bigger (and better) view it from their channel.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Months Later

Hi everyone! As of TODAY I've been married for two entire months. That's 9 weeks, 61 days, 1,464 hours, 87,840 minutes, 5,270,400 seconds of living a life-long dream. And here I am, right in the middle of that dream. As the time passes, I'm more and more grateful to get to share life with this man. The best moments we've had are not in pictures, but I do have some other documented highlights I wanted to share.

We moved into our apartment in downtown Kirkland.
This is our view! The Olympics are straight past the water.
This was a huge answer to our prayers. It's so much better than we could've hoped.

Which would make this our front yard. Not joking.

We had a perfect honeymoon in Cabo.
For that we have to thank the Willis', McCuen's and Somers.
They made sure we had the best trip ever.  

After we got back, Jeff got into intense tour preparation mode.
So it was nice to take a break one night and see a great show at the Taproot theater.
We went with PK, Ash and Riley.
I couldn't believe I'd never been there.
The performance was an hour and a half dialogue between two actors. So impressive.
Thank you, Eric and Laurie for those tickets!

And then the MC tour began. (This photo is from Monroe.)
The play that Jeff wrote and directed (with Mike and Riley Walker) has been a complete success.
I'm so proud of him, and want to see him produce all of his ideas someday.

Jeff hit the road with the MC's on May Day.
That day, I attempted to meet some of our neighbors by hanging flowers on their doors.
I met Lucy from the 1st floor! She's a professional cook and is going to make us dinner soon. 
Tamales! YUM.
What a sweet lady. I can't wait for that meal. 

While Jeff's been gone, I've taken time to catch up with friends.
It's been so fun!
I have some great people in my life who are an amazing support to us.
We are so rich. 

I turned 32 on May 10th!

Last week I took a plane ride to North Carolina and met Jeff on the road. 
It had been 17 days without him. TOO LONG.
Thank you to PK & DeeAnn for the trip!

We led worship together at The Worship Center in Durham.
I got to spend time with the rest of the MC group - who are all just so wonderful.
We both feel really blessed to be able to join up on the road and do what we love together.
It was perfect timing.

Who took this picture? Ash?

Ever been to Waffle House? They're everywhere in NC!
We went there at 1am one night, and I ate the best waffle I'd ever had. With grits and bacon.
Does anyone know of a place that serves grits in the NW? 
Anyway, someone needs to start a franchise in downtown Kirkland.

Which brings me to today. I'm home now.
Spring is here, with warm, wet rain, and peonies.
It's our two-month anniversary!
And Jeff gets home soon.
I'm keeping myself busy with painting our apartment, finishing up my name change paperwork,
coming up with some good, healthy recipes for our new eating plan, and doing some reading.

Love to you all.
Adventure isn't missing.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I'm going to North Carolina tomorrow to visit my husband!

I'll be with him in less than 24 hours. I cannot wait.

He's wearing his dad's old hat that says "I love to tell the story". So true.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's not supposed to turn out this way.

I'm ashamed to say it. But I have to confess to my husband somehow, so I'm going to do it this way. I completely killed the cute little herb garden he made me. [I'm sorry babe!! Let's try again?]

The new leaves were so cute and little, with so much potential just a week ago.

I watered them, I put them out in the sun, and now they look like this. Arg, what did I do wrong?

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Birdy Bandwagon

I finally got on it.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Try this. I'm not even joking.

Here's what you do.

Toast fresh sourdough bread. The kind you have to cut with a bread knife yourself.

Add sliced avocados.

Squeeze lots of fresh lemon juice over it all. (That part I learned from Patty Hardebeck.)

Add chopped capers. (My own doing.)

Seriously enjoy.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Lump in My Throat

Do you ever go back in your calendar to remember what you were doing exactly a year ago? Yes? No? Well I do when I'm feeling nostalgic. Especially when things are so much more different now. I like seeing change in my life.

Well a year ago, I was crying in my tea over Jeffrey Kline. He'd just left for a month, and I was convinced he hated my guts. Knowing he'd be gone for so long, I was sure he'd forget about me. I was hoping that after all the time we'd spent together up until he left, that we'd at least have some sort of "what is this exactly?" conversation. But nothing like that happened, so I reacted fearfully and talked myself out of holding tight to the virtues of patience, graceful waiting and God's perfect timing. Instead, in what felt something like grief, I let him go.

What I didn't know is that at the time, Jeff was feeling very similar, but took a different approach. He didn't let go. Which is why we're married now.

Good approach.

Well now a year has gone by, and I'm Mrs. Kline. And I'm in love with my best friend. But he's gone on the road again, all because of his wonderful job. And I have this constant lump in my throat, missing him. I never would've guessed, a year ago, that this is what I would be feeling today. Yesterday he called to check in, and after some small talk, it's like he knew where my heart was. And he gave me the time to cry silently on the phone with him.

I'm not writing this because I want anyone to feel bad for me. Please don't! In fact, I don't understand comments that have that tone "It's just not fair you have to go through that 3 weeks into your marriage!!" because I know several of you amazing women out there who live with a traveling husband and have done it for years and years. And it's not like it gets any easier. I'm so grateful for Jeff's job/ministry and that he gets to put his heart and time into something that means so much to him. Thank you to everyone who has checked in on me - it means so much, and I feel completely covered and loved and WOWZERS I'm busier than I thought I would be. It's just that I miss my husband.

Looking back to last year I regret nothing, because it turned out amazing. But I am obviously in need of more trust for our future, and more believing for the very best. And believing that adventure isn't ever missing.

Jeffrey, my great love, you are amazing. Thank you for working so hard. Thank you for going on the road. PK was right, everything you touch is so much better, because you put your best into everything you do.

poolside on our honeymoon
our wedding day - March 23, 2012