Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mr. Cyclist

Seth and I took a little jaunt down to the local Arco station to pump up his bike tires yesterday. As we pulled up, a champagne mercedes pulled up at the same time with two guys in their early 30's. They got out and said we could go first.

Thanks, you can leave now.

The passenger came over and said "I'm a cyclist, let me help you." Seth: "ok".

No thanks, we can do it, and I doubt you're a CYCLIST.

It was taking him awhile to do it, so Seth and I kneeled down to get a closer look at what he was doing. BAM!!! It blew out right in our faces because Mr. Cyclist didn't know what he was doing, apparently.

I knew you weren't a cyclist.

"Oh man! I'm so sorry! I thought it said I could fill it to 60 lbs!"

You were wrong, mister. Adios.

Seth was devistated, I was incredibly annoyed, and the dude still tried hitting on me afterwards.

Moral of the story: If someone offers to fill up your tires, don't get too close to it, because it might explode in your face.
"Enjoy your words and make them well-seasoned, because you may have to eat them later."

-Dennis Peacocke, BLS 100

Birthday Fiesta.... I'm so loved!!!

Andrew and Heather cutting apples.

Olive juice

Spinach enchiladas

Lisa and Jen.

Lisa and Jen. Again.

I think something's wrong.

Me and the Coop

Cold, hard cash. Literally.

Mr. and Mrs. McCuen

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Monday, May 08, 2006

Scharffen Berger

I just found a dark chocolate bar that's 80% cacao!! The best I've found yet. Does anybody know where I can find one with a higher amount?

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Neverending Story

What was your favorite movie as a kid? Mine was definately The Neverending Story.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

lions and tigers and bears - oh my!

Last night, over a de-licious Thai beef salad, an interesting question came up between myself and a friend.

If we were wild animals, how would we lure our prey?

How would you?

"Assorted Tropical Foliage"

Meet my new plant.

Monday, May 01, 2006


In your days, do you ever hear a song or smell something that takes you back to your childhood, to memories you haven't thought about since then? I heard a song recently that triggered memories of hard church pews and stained glass windows. It was when the MC's sang a worship song on Wednesday night called "When God Ran". I would've thought it was newly written, except for the memories it brought back. I was going crazy wondering how I knew it. So I called my mom the next day -- and it turns out there was a lady who used to sing that song at our church during offering, when I was 5 or something. It's so interesting to me how many memories are actually in our brains, and that they stay there forever. It only takes something familiar to bring them back up.