Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Friday Night:
Ashley's 16th Birthday Party!!

Saturday Night:
After spending all day in bed with a migraine, Connie, one of my fav's, stole me away to the pedestrian overpass by our house to watch the sunset. Amazing.

Golden Gardens with Heather
Another sunset! I love love love living here!!

Fairhaven, WA
A group of us celebrated Connie and Christy's birthday.
I found my dream man.

Then the girls moved in on him. He wasn't real enough for me anyway.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Heather, Jill and I left town again - this time for the Oregon Coast. We took a long weekend to play. Good times...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lake Melakwa

Hi everyone - I know I've been gone from my blog foorrreeeeeevvvvveeer, which has been sad for me. My lovely iBook decided to blow a fuse or something and it's not turning on. Which is sad too.

But what's not sad it the latest hiking adventure I went on. And it was definately an adventure. It was beau-ti-ful! It was myself, Jill, and Heather. First of all, we saw a bear. It attacked me! Just kidding, it was one ridge over, just hangin out in some grass, probably eating some berries or some small woodland creature. And we made our way through a ton of snow (looked like an avalanche!), and we actually didn't make it to Lake Melakwa because we decided we'd rather not die falling through the snow to the river below and live to face the bear. :) Kind of a toss up, I know.

Anyway, life is good. Life is busy. Summer's here! Sort of. It's raining today, but I'm looking forward to a ton more hikes!

Please comment - I'd like to know I'm still loved in blog-world.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Let's all have a moment of silence for my Apple G4.

Monday, January 15, 2007

the night of "the shank"

My most favorite sound in the whole world is my sisters laugh. If you've never heard it, you really need to. Not only is it the most out of control, contagious belly laugh you've ever heard, but it has special meaning for me. When somebody who used to not laugh a lot, suddenly starts to ALL THE TIME, it's pretty amazing.

Heather and I went to Jills place last night and Heather made us a feast.
- Lamb shank, marinated in a red wine & onion sauce
- basmati rice, with cilantro and other herb goodness
- greek cucumber riata

Jill supplied the wine, I supplied the fresh flowers and bread. And PERFECTION supplied the laughs.

I love to laugh. Laughter is truly the best medicine. There's been a lot of laughter in my life lately, and it's gotten me through some potentially tough days.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

waiting the storm out.

sitting at home.
instant messaging Jen from across the kitchen table.
waiting for Garlic Jims to get here.
listening to Mat Kearney.
daydreaming about Hawaii.
wishing it would snow...a lot.
laughing at Jen's comments.