Friday, March 29, 2013

No. 1

Get ready for a booty load of pictures.

But, before that, some context.

Jeffrey and I celebrated our 1-year anniversary of being married last Saturday. We had a perfect weekend away at our dear friends beach house on Hood Canal. (Thank you Cline's! The other Cline's, with a "C".) These are some photos of our fun time. 

But, as a side note, it was more than a fun time. It was a reunion! He'd been out of town for 10 days, prior to our trip, do I say this....a mini-me may be on the way. I'm joking!! But not really. Who knows. We are open to being parents any time now, but aren't really trying. If you get my drift. What else do you expect after being away from your love for 10 days?!


It was a great weekend. We did lots of sleeping in (does 7am count?), took lots of naps, ate yummy meals, had yummy drinks, and had some really thoughtful, defining conversations. I so love life with this man. 

Coming from the girl who always wanted to be Pocahontas, my favorite part was getting in the canoe and paddling to the other side of Hood Canal. This is about a mile of water we covered, each way. We put in right before sun set, and made it back by dusk. Every slice (push? stroke?) of the paddle was a moment I was made for. I need more of those times in my life! It's doing something together that requires genuine work, with beauty all along the way.  

All photos are from my iPhone, unaltered. Enjoy!

Olympic Mtn. Range in the background

we conquered it
the last morning
Lilac plant - smelled a-mazing
happy to be on vacation
Jeff introduced me to Citizen Kane - such an interesting story.
Congrats if you've made it this far through the post. I know it's a long one. Thanks for sticking with me!

Have a wonderful Good Friday and Easter weekend. 
We have so much to be grateful for! 
Adventure isn't missing,


Ashley said...

LOVE this post! You 2 are amazing. And

Rose said...

Thanks Ash! I can't wait either. :D!!

Jessica Rae said...

Rose, I adore you:) This post made me smile. LOVE you!!

Rose said...

Love you Jess!! xo! Thanks for reading!