Monday, March 11, 2013

It's a beautiful day.

Spring is almost here! It was a gorgeous weekend here in Kirkland. I didn't get any pictures because I was out & about all weekend, so busy!

My highlight: on Friday we had a couples dinner at our dear friends, Jon & Renee's house. There were four couples, an amazing meal, good wine, inspiring conversation and TONS of laughing. We've been going through the "Five Love Languages" at our church small group, and on Friday we focused in on how we best communicate appreciation to our spouses. It was so good to be reminded that our men need to know we as wives trust them and respect them. And for the ladies, we want to be encouraged by them on an identity level, as nice as it is to be told how pretty we look. (Note: being a brat does not inspire these kids of words from them. :) It's so nice to have friends we can be totally real with, and leave feeling more encouraged than ever. I'm so grateful for that.

Here's a fun video to get you in the mood for Spring. I lived on a Dairy Farm for years as a kid, and never saw the girls do anything quite like this. Have a great Monday!


Ashley said...

Haha! That video is hilarious. That U2 song is one of my favorites, so to watch cows galloping & dancing to it was too funny!!
Love you. & here's to many more beautiful days! :)

Rose said...

I agree, so funny Ash!
Cheers to nice days a'comin! Especially this Wednesday!!!