Sunday, March 17, 2013


I would've forgotten it's St. Patrick's Day except that when I left the house this morning I saw that everyone here in downtown Kirkland is walking around wearing green. Not only that, it's a gorgeous spring day. So everyone is out, with dogs and green leashes, green earmuffs (it's still quite cold), and I even saw someone driving a green 90's Ford Taurus. Coincidence? I think not.

And I'm home, unintentionally revolting against the holiday by staying in and blogging, eating a burrito and drinking a Belgian beer. Kind of a fun one too...New Belgian Brewing Co. comes out with a seasonal beer, every season. Winter's was called Snow Day, and Spring's is called Dig. I dig it.

This morning I was getting ready for church, and thinking about a shirt I own, and the story surrounding it, and thought I'd tell it here on my blog. It's kind of fun. It has to do with when Jeff and I first got together about two years ago.

This shirt is one of my favorites. It's a black & white baseball tee with red leather numbers stitched on the back. 5's are my favorite number. A couple years ago I saw that number everywhere I went. I even got a new license plate and the numbers on it ended up being 555. I wasn't even suprised. Plus, 5 means grace, which is such a great word.

So I was out shopping, right around the time I was really starting to dig Jeffrey Kline. It was when he was always subconciously in the back of my mind, if thoughts of him weren't already making their way to the front of it. I was starting to admit to my closest friends that I was crushin'.

Anyway, there used to be this shop in downtown Kirkland (now about a block from where we live) that sold clothes that reminded me of someplace trendy and sunny (Vegas & Miami come to mind). I was familiar with it because I had done some design work for them, but the styles of clothing they sold weren't really my thing. But one day, I guess I though I'd check it out. I searched & searched and the only thing I liked was this baseball tee. I tried it on, I loved it, I bought it at 75% off, and it had 5's on the back. Perfect.

The thing that makes my eyes cross happened next. I looked at the tag to see what the brand was.
the shirt
Jeffrey Kline.

That's right. My future husband's name was on the tag of my 55 shirt. .....what? To me, that is odd. That is downright weird. He doesn't own a tee shirt company and is not affiliated with this shirt in any way, other than the girl wearing it was going to fall in love with him someday.

Am I the only one that thinks this is crazy? Call me sentimental, but.... it gets better.

Once Jeff and I got together, I told him about this story and the shirt. He then proceeds to tell me that his baseball number growing up was 55. His nickname was Double Nickels.

I'm telling you, you can't make up coincidences like that!!!

That's my story! On that note, have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day.
Adventure isn't missing!


JLDonlife said...

I cannot believe I never heard that story! How incredible!!! I will never stop being happy for you!!!

Jill said...

Love this story, Rose!
I love how God knows how sweet those things are to you and so he unfolds them all throughout your days!

Kayla Janine said...

THAT IS INCREDIBLE!! So so cute. I adore you two.

Ashley said...

Oh my lanta - I CANNOT believe I'd never heard that story before!! That is ah-maze-ing. Wow. I SO love you guys - I love your pre-story too of how you were "startin to crush!" :)
You are a great writer. I vote more stories! :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I am a firm believer that there's no way that's a coincidence :)

samara said...

That is great!! Love the story and the t-shirt ;)

Shoko said...

whoa! what a crazy - and lovely - story! clearly, this was fate :)

Rose said...

Definitely not a coincidence! :) Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!

Pearl said...

I liked that! And why not?


Jenni said...

I love it Rose! Thanks for sharing, you are a gem! :-)

Katrina Hope said...

Such a great story. :)