Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Birthday, USA!

Last year on this day, Jeff and I braved the mayhem of Gasworks Park. It was our first date, and it turned out to be one of those days we'd never forget. It was hot and we rode the 'ol Bimmer to Seattle with the sun roof open (with a little detour to Maltby). I was crushin' big time. So was he.

We started our day on the lake, and kayaked with some friends. I swear those life vests were meant for two year olds. (And if I ever actually need a life vest while kayaking, something has gone terribly wrong.)

Later, walking through Wallingford, we passed all the houses where families were sitting on their front porches drinking with neighbors, barbequeing, with flags flown, sidewalk chalk and cheer. There's something about the 4th of July that brings people together. It made me want to have a house on a main road, where I could drag all of our furniture out in the front yard, and roast brats for anyone hungry.

At Gasworks, this was when I first knew I could be silent with Jeff. What I mean is, as friends and now as a couple, I can't ever remember us running out of things to talk about. If we weren't talking about things we had in common, or sharing life stories, he was telling me something I never knew before. And I always have prayed for a husband who can teach me things. I wanted him to know more than me, and Jeff does. I'm constantly shocked by how this man retains historical and new information. On every subject. Not only that, but he knows how to do anything. He understands how things work, how things are made, why things are done a certain way...I mean, sheesh. Ask the man a question, and he'll keep you entertained for hours. Because on top of all that great information he stores away, there's always a good story. So. I say all that to say, we are never lacking for words. But in this moment, laying out on my blanket I brought back from Mexico, I felt a quiet peace. And there were moments where we were just quiet. Taking it all in. Letting the day make its mark on us. And it did.

The funniest part of the night has to do with the picture just above. After the fireworks show, it took us all a long time to make our way back to our cars. We're talking thousands and thousands of people, in the dark.

We just got to our car when Jeff says, "Isn't that Phoenix Jones?! Me & the guys were just talking about him!" And I have no idea who he's talking about. Apparently, there's a real live superhero gang that work out of a comic book shop here in Seattle. Their ring leader is Phoenix Jones. They help protect the streets of Seattle. No joke. I hadn't heard this before, but I only needed to hear it once. I wanted to meet a superhero!! In a second, we were out of the Bimmer, running down the street after him, weaving in and out of a the crowds and I was yelling "Superhero!!! Superheroooooooooo!!!" He heard us. He stopped. I met him. I even got a picture. It's so dark out, so I'm sorry if you can't make it out that well. (I have no idea who the other guy is on my right.)

What a hilarious way to end the perfect day.

Jeff is in Toronto today. They celebrated by cutting a red, white and blue cake while singing The Star Spangled Banner. At least that's something. I'll be spending the day with some wonderful friends in West Seattle, then fireworks at my apartment. God bless America!

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Ashley said...

You are amazing, Rose. Jeffrey misses you :)