Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What once was lost... is found.

Kill the fatted calf!! I found my ring!

Seriously - this is a big deal. My little sis the silversmith made me this silver ring and set it with a citrine gemstone. (Say that sentence 10 times really fast.) Lately, if I think about how I misplaced it, I'd get this little stab of sadness, picturing it in some field or parking lot or on some strange girls hand.

I was doing a deep-clean of my room tonight, organizing important papers, putting my paintings in a safe place, and assorting my lip gloss by color...when I found it. What a relief. It's a ring I hope to have forever.

Ignore my alien hand.


sand sea pearls said...

you are hilarious! so glad you found it!

Katrina Hope said...

"and assorting my lip gloos by color" :)

Molly said...

ohh that is so great! you should pray for me to find mine! i still get that stab when i think about it. but mine wasn't made by my sister. yours is far more special, but i still loved mine...ah.