Sunday, June 19, 2011

John Charles

I can't remember the last time I called my dad to chat, but I did tonight. He'd been on my mind all day.

It was a sweet, sweet talk. He's so much softer then he ever was when I was a kid. I guess time and pain and weakness change your perspective on life.

I found out that he hiked Mt. Olympus in his younger years (in the Olympics). He could talk about his hiking adventures all night, and I'd do anything to hear his voice so I asked as many dumb questions I could think of to keep him going. The hike to the base of Blue Glacier took 4 days down the Ho River, through fields of wildflowers and rainforests, until they got to where they camped on top of the glacier. He said he could hear the glacier creaking and cracking while they slept. Then they summited. No big deal.

Apparently he's also a fan of horse races. News to me.

And he told me he thinks I'm so smart, and he wished he told me that a long time ago. Oh, dad...

At one point, he told me he used to be a runner. I never knew that! I said "Dad, I'm half you. I love hiking and being outside and playing sports and running because of you. Mom never liked that kind of thing." I think it made him happy to hear that. I love that I'm my dad's daughter.

Here he is, helping me waddle along. Doesn't he have great hair and great forearms?

He's still in pretty good shape. He rode his bike 20 miles just yesterday. I think it's cute to picture him peddling along, because he never rode a bike when I was growing up.

I found some photos from the day he & my mom married. He's so handsome to me. And my mom has awesome legs!! (Side note: she made her own wedding dress. Go mama.)

People were always naturally drawn to him.

Just look at him.... I would've fell for him too. Again, go mom. She knew what was up. She is PUMPED - look at her face!

Some things I got from my dad: my smile, my prankster ways, my ability to put people at ease, my love for nature, my impatience, my desire to be loved, my simple-mindedness and my love for beer.

Happy Fathers Day, Daddio. You are so loved, by your daughter, who is half you.


sand sea pearls said...

Rose, my all time favorite blog post. ever. truly. your prankster ways? I've gotta meet this man. but i have to say your love for beer, might also come from your grand-dad? what do you think? He is a lover of some hops, well from what I can remember you telling me through some hilarious stories. i love that you all his, but half of his genes come from a pretty amazing heritage. I can't wait for you to tell your children stories about him--I know he will SO be honored by you. true, what a perspective. and yes, I agree with Mr. John Charles you are smart. toasting you my friend, toasting you!

Ashley said...

Amazing post, Rose. So great!

Rose said...

Thanks you two!

And Con, you know the love of beer definitely comes from Grandad too. I want you to meet them both someday so bad.

Katrina Hope said...

My favorite too. I kept thinking of conversations during our hike. Aw Rose, you're a find and I LOVE that half of you (the other half too). :) PS, you got your dad's lucious locks and smile and your mom's legs, pretty good deal if you ask me!

Molly said...

I call my dad Daddio too :)