Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Secrets are My Fave

Someone out there is a real sweet person. I got back from lunch today and found these two peonies on my desk. They're huge, and they smell so lovely! No one seems to know where they came from. And honestly, I don't want to know. I like wondering. And I like knowing that someone else out there has a secret to keep...that they gave flowers to a girl today, and she doesn't know where they came from.

Which reminds me of an encouraging word my friend James gave me last summer:

"You are the fragrance of God. You permeate darkness and penetrate the unmoving. With gentleness like a wind, a breeze, you fell great borders and stone gates. You are His scent. You smell like Him. You awaken the vivid memories that turn hearts, bring tears and take us back to the moment of first love."

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Katrina Hope said...

dang girl- you're making tears come out of my eyes! Reading James's word right after reading your post about your dad, ... that word couldn't be more true. You ARE His scent! And few things are more powerful (and yet illusive), than a scent, it's a guide for dozens of unexpected memories!