Monday, January 15, 2007

the night of "the shank"

My most favorite sound in the whole world is my sisters laugh. If you've never heard it, you really need to. Not only is it the most out of control, contagious belly laugh you've ever heard, but it has special meaning for me. When somebody who used to not laugh a lot, suddenly starts to ALL THE TIME, it's pretty amazing.

Heather and I went to Jills place last night and Heather made us a feast.
- Lamb shank, marinated in a red wine & onion sauce
- basmati rice, with cilantro and other herb goodness
- greek cucumber riata

Jill supplied the wine, I supplied the fresh flowers and bread. And PERFECTION supplied the laughs.

I love to laugh. Laughter is truly the best medicine. There's been a lot of laughter in my life lately, and it's gotten me through some potentially tough days.


Timothy said...

Job 8.21

The adventure continues... said...

Okay Rose, it's time for a new post. I'm tired of looking at the behinds of whoever it is in that picture (no offense).

Hey have you heard that I'm moving back to Washington soon. Hopefully by the end of the month. So what I want to know is when are you going to come and see me and my cute girls?

jen staab said...

i miss your laugh. and you.

Max's Mama said...

hey! do you respond to comments?!? I want to talk to you! Look at Max! I miss you! Love you!

Timothy said...

Rose, when I surfed to your blog today, a big tear rolled down my monitor. Your blog is being neglected, and it's in emotional anguish. Please help. said...

Apologies for inserting update into post comment off topic.

I’m writing to let you know my Sharing Notes blog is history.

If I happen to be on your link list, below is my new blog name/address (if I am not on your link list, no worries what so ever… if you are receiving this you are on my link list – please let me know if problem):

Roxanne Kristina

If you would like more details please read this post:


Anonymous said...

It's gonna be so good to see you gals! I can't wait! I can hear her laugh you.

Love Jenny