Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Friday Night:
Ashley's 16th Birthday Party!!

Saturday Night:
After spending all day in bed with a migraine, Connie, one of my fav's, stole me away to the pedestrian overpass by our house to watch the sunset. Amazing.

Golden Gardens with Heather
Another sunset! I love love love living here!!

Fairhaven, WA
A group of us celebrated Connie and Christy's birthday.
I found my dream man.

Then the girls moved in on him. He wasn't real enough for me anyway.


Max's Mama said...

Hey Love! How goes it?!? miss you! Would love to talk to you! oh, and I just found your long lost "Birthday Present" !!! give me your address!

love you!
oh, and I spot Bianca in that coffee picture!

Ruth Stratton said...

Just wanted to let you and your sister know that Corrina and Aaron are getting married on December 8th. We didn't have your address and wanted you to know you are invited. My phone number is 425-432-5857.


Mi Mundo Peruano Americano said...

You look intereting and cute,i would like to know u my mail is:
if you want we can talk by msn someday bye..