Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's funny how if the space I'm in is cluttery, my mind gets cluttery. For instance, if I have piles of books on my floor and clothes strewn about, no matter how hard I try, I won't be able to concentrate on what I'm reading. There's such a thing as messy silence. And my blog was getting silently messy.

I'm inwardly pleased today because I'm buying an iBook from a friend. I'll have to get some white sunglasses to go with it. I don't even know the specs! And I don't care! All I care about is that I'll get to record my thoughts at 83 wpm.

I just found that on my computer. From whom? I can't remember. But it makes me laugh.

Ok. Bye.

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Anonymous said...

I am gonna borrow this... I kinda like being the anonymous one that you have to guess who I am... Miss you!