Friday, August 25, 2006

i heart pranks

Tonight I boxed up my things for the big move this weekend. I didn't realize how much crap I have stashed around my room, but I found a few treasures...

1. life-sized plastic cockroaches (always good for a scream)
2. whoopy cushion (the noise it makes is so completely exaggerated, and non-lifelike, but still makes me laugh)
3. worm pills (put them in your friends bottled water and it grows to look like a yellow worm...when she goes to take a drink, it goes into her mouth, causing her to spew water everywhere, complete with tackling me afterwards)
4. lots of pictures and notes (most of these are categorized by "pre-MC, MC, post-MC, pre-CCK, CCK)
5. lots of books (from Bridges of Madison County to Hot Mama [the guide to feeling like a goddess during pregnancy] to a green Gideon Bible that I could carry around in my back pocket)
6. about 5 unfinished journals (it taught me to always buy small journals, so by the time I was tired of looking at that one, I'd be done anyway, and would have to switch)

About 10 boxes later, with my closet & under my bed still to tackle, I'm tired. Goodnight, Pa. Goodnight, John boy.


kristina said...

clever clever girl. i never knew you were so mischevious. and i'm not exactly sure that i just spelled mischevious correctly.

Anonymous said...

what about the creepy white trash teeth? weren't they there? I like them best... I hope you are well!!