Friday, February 01, 2013

Les Mis

So I've seen the musical a couple times and I saw the movie, loved it, cried, was captive 'til the very end.

But this cracked me up.

I have to say, the real Anne's short haircut is adorable. 


Ashley said...

BAHAH!! That was too hilarious.
But it's true - Anne deserves an Oscar for sure!

samara said...

Oh my gosh!! That was amaaazing!

And oh my goodness, yes, every time I see her hair I get a little envious - It's so lovely!!

Shoko said...

haha, amazing! thanks for that - i needed a laugh! and thank you for the baby name ideas - avery's always been a favorite of mine, too :) how exciting that we will both be aunts soon!

Kayla Janine said...

Wow! I'm kind of amazed at that she can sing!
That was too brilliant!