Monday, February 25, 2013

It was a windy, stormy weekend here in Kirkland.

After work on Friday, I made it home in time to put on some kicks and a beanie and run to the end of the dock before the sun set. This is literally my front yard and I LOVE IT. That's teeny Seattle in the background.

Saturday was filled with all sorts of fun times. A mutual friend of me & my sister threw Heather a baby shower out in the country. We got some photos taken out in the yard....Heather was just cracking up the whole time, while I was loving hammin' it up. So typical. That's our pretty mama in the center.

I think Heather's going to be the best mom ever. They decided on a name! Little Oliver is set to arrive on April 24th. And how cute is her little black dress? So simple & comfortable. I think she's so beautiful.

(Various photos taken by me, Shannon & Racheal)
 Love you, Heather! Adventure isn't missing!


Anitra Sweet said...

Love the name Oliver! :)

Rose said...

Of course, Anitra! It's such a sweet name. (all your kids' names are)