Friday, December 21, 2012


Can I take a moment to shamelessly boast about my friends amazing music?

I know a lot of my readers already know (about) the Hallstrom's. We hold their babies, we worship together, some have grown up with them, we tell stories together, we have non-repeatable text conversations (Kate!), we support and encourage each other through life.

But for those of you who don't know of these beautiful people, you really should. The first time I heard their music, it was 7 years ago, in the fall. Tom & Kate had just gotten married, and gave out a mini-album as a wedding favor. I was hooked on their harmonies and words. Then their EP came out, under the name Novalis. The album is Strange Parade. And it's on iTunes, so check them out! I can't decide of Johnstown Flood or Saints and Children is my favorite song.

Well, they are a family of Hallstrom's, so naturally they changed their name from Novalis to Hallstrom. Tom & Kate are the heart & soul of the band, but the thing I love is that it's a family gig. Tom's brothers and dad are band members and a huge reason for what they're doing. I love that - I think that's so rare.

They opened this weekend for Classic Crime and we heard a few of their new songs. I've said it before and I'll say it again: they need to be heard by many, many people. There is a message in what they write that reaches into a rich but imperfect past, and tells stories that give hope for now. The words make you think. It was inspiring and so, so fun. (The way Aaron double-fisted those chains was awesome. You'll hear it in their new song: Tallest Tree.)

So go check out their new music: HALLSTROM.

I even got a shirt.
Adventure isn't missing,

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