Friday, December 14, 2012

A First: The Kline Christmas Season

This last weekend we all went Christmas tree shopping. And here I am, surrounded by my closest friends, from left: Jeff, my husband; Jen, Connie & Christy. I just love these people. Thank you to Allen's Tree Farm for putting up with our loud laughter, questions about your babies and wives, looking at every.single.tree on the lot, and sticking around way too long and eating your candy canes. We like you, and we'll be back next year. 

It's our first tree. A Noble Fir.

Hot guy, stringing the lights.

They were so patient, waiting to be placed.

Makes me happy. So peaceful.

And here they are, ladies & gents.

Adventure isn't missing!
Merry Christmas,


Anitra Sweet said...

I love this! Firsts with the hubby are the best! ps. your hair is gorgeous! Can't believe you had the patience to grow it out! ;)

Hena Tayeb said...

You tree is looking very pretty

Shoko said...

aw, what a beautiful tree - with such adorable ornaments! :)

Rose said...

Anitra, thanks for the sweet comment! :) I can't believe I've had the patience to grow it out either. It's the longest it's been since I was 17. Miss you girl!

Rose said...

Thank you Shoko. Merry Christmas!