Monday, July 06, 2009

I left my heart in Sunnyville.

This last weekend, I went to Pasco to visit my Uncle Gordy and Aunt Helen. They pretty much rock.

Me & Uncle

Too hot at 10am

Anyways, my time with them was wonderful, but the drive back home was so fun. I just love long drives with no time line...where I can pray, sing as loud as I want and stop and take pictures at any point...which is exactly what I did.

I took the Sunnyville exit and had to stop when I saw the cows and wheat fields.

Did you know if you eat the wheat kernels, and keep chewing, it turns into gum? True story.

Ok. So then I went on a cherry hunt. I swear I followed those "fresh cherries" signs for 5 miles until I pulled down a long, dusty driveway...which led me to...



...and of course, Cookie & Peewee

Lisha was so cute. She was making them pose for the camera.

I seriously loved this little girl. Her & Alberto took me on a tour of the farm and my heart just melted.

I ended up with 10 lbs of cherries too. :)

Then I took the Zillah exit and went wine tasting at this place called Agate Field Winery. Agates are rampant out there. Who knew?

Antique/Fresh Fruit Shop

I-90 was a mess on the way back through the Cascades. I was getting antsy at this point, which meant I started singing old songs from 6th grade concerts. Example: The Lion Sleeps Tonight. The perfect song to sing because you can make up your own hilarious lyrics really easily. "the lion flies a kite" or "the lion gets in a fight" or "your mother likes to fly". Whatever. It passes the time.

I have a new appreciation for Eastern Washington. It's not the coolest place if all you do is stay on the freeway... but if you get off the main road, you might meet some cool chihuahuas or even better, Lisha & Alberto.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds nice and relaxing. You are so cute.