Wednesday, July 08, 2009


My grandad gave me this guitar.
I have constantly sore, peeling, hopefully caloused fingertips.
Love to jam loud when nobody's home.
Shy when using a pick.
Love my instructor, Vinnie.
Want to kick butt at fingering, because it's so beautiful.
The goal: to write amazing songs, starting with one for my mom.
Secondary goal: coom bi ya around a campfire.

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BARB :) said...

I enjoyed viewing your blog Rose. Awesome you want to write songs; I hope you stick with it. It is so enjoyable and God gives us songs in the night; keep a notebook with you always so if you get one in the night, you can write it and go back to sleep ha you never know when he will give it. Blessings and you have such a kind and concerning heart for those you love. Keep up the good work and prayers...praying to for Shannon and her hubby Craig. Thanks for all the beautiful photos too. And the two children with the Chihuahuas....after my heart ahhhhhhhh We have two of them; as you probably seen if you looked at our facebook photos. Give Clayton a friendship invite, he has different photos on his than I do. Nice hearing from you and hope all your childhood dreams come true. BARB :)