Thursday, November 09, 2006

If the big paper clip got in a fight with the little paper clip the big paper clip would totally win!

So on Wednesday night I was surrounded by cute couples. I went to Spokane for work, and got to spend some time with some dear friends.

Jaime and her boyfriend Dan. (Jaime and I did MC together.)

Kristina and Gus. (Kristina and I met a long time ago at a MC conference in Spokane. We've been good friends ever since.)

The biggest paperclips in the world!! It's true!!!


Nicole said...

Rose I need so more info on Jaime and Dan. I'm assuming she's not in DC anymore unless you went there. I haven't talked to her in probably a year or so. I miss you all and hope to be moving back to the wonderful rainy state of Washington.

Sabrina said...

How fun to see pictures of Jamie and Kristina!!! If you talk either of them soon, please tell them I said hello!

justin said...

Wow. I didn't realize my nose is so squishy. But, Kristina's is even squishier.