Saturday, October 21, 2006

Last night was unforgettable.

1. Dinner with some unlikely, wonderful people.
2. The dinner itself was completely deeeelish.
3. Laughing at Aime's imaginary friend and Ericks parade story was the best.
4. Red wine.
5. Harmonizing over dessert.
6. Feeling so loved and so safe.
7. The only bummer part was having to leave.


Erick said...

Hey, who are you calling unlikely? :)

Excellent summary.

jen staab said...

i agree! it was the best dinner i have had in a long while...

Erin said...

And I second your agreement, Jen! Yum! As for the unlikely people, Erick, I was counting myself among them, as it was purely a matter of what many would call "coincidence" (and others "Providence" :)) that I happened to be there. I had a wonderful time as well, though. Thank you guys for making me feel so welcome.

P.S. - Hi Rose...found your blog from Tim's...hope you don't mind.

Rose said...

Hi Erin! It's fun to hear from you.

Does anybody notice I wrote WONDERFUL as well as unlikely? :)

Let's all do it again soon.

Timothy said...

Uhm. So what happened? Sounds like I missed out.

jen staab said...

Erin: not coincidence! you were one of the special guests!! sorry tim, but it was really a great party! Thanks Dean and Sue!! (and Rob!)