Monday, July 10, 2006

Jen's Birthday

On July 3rd, the world celebrated the life of Jen Staab. Err... at least the handful of us that followed her up to Camano Island.

Please enjoy the photos I took - I picked out my favorites.

Here I begged Jen to pick up a crab head. She was very brave and did it.

I caught this one as Jen was flying by, mid-air!

If you can't tell, these are railroad tracks. They appear out of nowhere, and head straight into the sea.

Down at the end of this beach, we kept seeing 2 bald eagles.

I felt like a stalker taking these next two photos, because Rosie and Esther were having a quiet moment, and didn't know I was there.

But seriously, how worth it was it?... I absoultely really like this picture.

I'm bugged that this one isn't straight, because it's so nice.

Mad found a crab claw and thought it would be fun to pretend like it bit hard on her finger. She's a great actress!

There are no words for this.

I really love the colors in this photo - how the sparkler and the sky just pop out.


jen staab said...

I am so glad that you made the trek up to camano.... and I love my new pet plant named Rose IV. :)

Lilithravengirl said...

Great Job on the pics! Maybe you can email me some copies :-)

Nicole said...

Great pics Rose. There is only on HUGE problem. I am not in any of them. I Wish we could hang out and have fun together sometime. Love Ya!