Thursday, April 04, 2013


You've got to meet Bob.

He's the man with the kind, sparkly eyes wearing the fishing hat that walks around Kirkland on nice days. I'd guess he's about 85.

I first met him about 8 years ago at a coffee shop on Lake Street. I was meeting a friend for my birthday, and he was there with his other pal (a sweeter Marty & Angelo from Return to Me come to mind). He somehow heard it was my birthday and made me a balloon animal.

I've never forgotten his sweet face.

Then yesterday I spotted him as I was walking to lunch. He probably thought I was crazy.

"Bob! You made me a balloon animal once!"

He grabs my hand. "Did I? Would you like another one? The kids just love them."

"Of course!"

He pulls out a long pink balloon, and before I know it, I have a poodle.

Thanks Bob! You completely made my day.


samara said...

That is the sweetest!!

And the group of guys in Return to Me make the movie ;)

Rose said...

Totally agree Samara. It's one of my favorite movies. What about The Holiday - LOVE those guys!!

Ashley said...

Rose! LOVE THIS!! This is why life is awesome. :)
And I too adore the Return to Me guys & the old guys in the Holiday - they make the movie totally! :)

Rose said...

Ash, yes! These moments are the ones I remember for sure! :D

Sarah Surface said...

Just wached return to me again this week. Love the old guys.

And your poodle is great!

Rose said...

Sarah - - nice! Now I want to watch it again. :D

Thanks for the comment!