Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Seattle's Indian Summer has finally made its dramatic exit this week. We welcomed a solid sheet of gray sky this morning, the kind that makes evenings dark and surreal. Weather changes like this aren't kind to me...I woke up with a full-blown migraine. But on the up-side, we turned on the heat for the first time in 5 months! I like being warm.

But days like this also make me grateful for the summer we've had. I wanted to post some of my favorite instagram memories that just captured our summer so beautifully.

This was one of those 95 degree days that kept me inside, drink in hand.

Kayaking on Hood Canal - thank you to the Cline's!

We got on the Harley and took a ferry to Whidbey Island one day. It was perfect.

This is Pastor Eric, during our rehearsal to record an album of worship songs.

I got my bangs cut.

Jeff and I led worship at Family Camp...sort of the kick off of lots of more worship sets to come.

My baby sister is totally pregnant! 13 weeks and counting...

I realized I need to start decorating our walls. This is all we've got so far. A fedora hung on our smoke alarm.

We took another ferry to Friday Harbor...

...then we went camping right on the west side. We saw lots of killer whales. Definitely my highlight.
These were our neighbors at our campsite. We weren't lacking for a soundtrack.

Bouquet from Jeff....the day of the CCK live recording... 

And this is the recording at Butterfield Chapel. Great group of people & great music.

View from our apartment. These sailboats would race every night.

7 Salon fashion show with Jen. I always leave these things so inspired.
"Galaxies revolve and dinosaurs breed and rain falls and people fall in love and uncles smoke cheap cigars and people lose their jobs and we all die - all for our good, the finished product, God's work of art, the Kingdom of Heaven. There's nothing outside heaven except hell. Earth is not outside heaven; it is heaven's workshop, heaven's womb." - Kreeft


Kayla Janine said...

Such a wonderful post!
It inspires me to find joy and excitement in easily accessible things, like decorating your house or a little camping trip. Love it!!

Anitra Sweet said...

Love this Rose!!!