Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So...waaaaay back in early September my bf and I (bf stands for best friend and/or boyfriend...same diff) flew across the country to Georgia to visit my granddad, who I haven't seen in a long time.

Before I start showing off pictures, I will say this: Jeff is so awesome to travel with. We weren't able to sleep through the first red-eye flight so there were lots of games of war & battleship. Sometimes I get nervous to fly, but not this trip. It makes me love thinking about all the other places we'll go someday. When we got to Georgia, we drove through the Smokies, and saw all sorts of small mountain towns. There are rivers everywhere, and the hills are so green! I thought it would be hot and muggy, but the weather changed right before we arrived, to record-breaking rains the entire time. Aside from the pictures I'm posting, we did a ton and had a great time with my family. We had good conversations and I met family I'd never met (Uncle Jim & his daughter Cassie). I tried (and loved) grits for the first time. Jeff shot a machine gun. We discovered our mutual love for a certain country singer. Jeff did a bunch of projects around Grandad's house. I slept in every morning. Jeff made me coffee every morning. It was a wonderful time.

That's my grandpa! Isn't he handsome? He drives the biggest truck you will ever see,
and it has a horn that sounds like a locomotive in your ear. 

This is the front view of their house, Loafer's Glory. He and his wife Chris have a beautiful piece of property, full of cats and dogs and chickens and horses and deer and apple trees.
This photo doesn't do it justice.
Picture a long, winding uphill driveway. So long you can't see the house at the top.
Picture it surrounded by green, rolling hills bordered by green forests and creeks.

Jeff and I went out riding ATV's almost every day. At first we rode on the same one. We drove through miles of the Smokey Mountains, and even got lost once. Then we joined my uncle Jim and cousin Cassie and we each had our own. We had to move fallen trees and go through creeks.
I would do this everyday if I could. It was adventure at it's finest. I like driving fast.

This is Molly (it's a dog if you can't tell), and her blonde locks. She followed us everywhere.

My uncle Jim took us to a farm up the road where I met a Zebra for the first time.

Pretty eyes!

And I got to look at this face from morning 'til night for the whole trip. What a lucky girl I am.

It was a wonderful time with my Grandad & Chris. I ate more than I've ever eaten in my life.
I saw some beautiful country. We got to relax, and the monsoon rain helped us do that. Our plans to raft and be in the rivers didn't happen becaue of that, but it forced us to stay in, watch movies, play pool, take naps and eat some more. Just what we both needed!

After 5 days in Georgia, we flew to Michigan...

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