Friday, September 02, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow Jeff and I leave for our trip. 
It's only a day away!

sleeping sound through every flight
playing thumb wars if we get bored (or just want to hold hands)
not losing any luggage
 foggy morning hills and dales (what's a dale, anyway?)
Georgia peaches (guaranteed they taste better there)
drive-in movies
sleeping in
Chris's killer bloody mary's for brekkie (seriously AMAZING)
riding motorcycles and horses
white water rapids (Level 1, por favor)
lightning storms
small mountain towns (don't think of Deliverance)
conversations with Grandad
meeting Lynn, Allison and Caden (so excited!)
meeting everyone else (really)
visiting Jeff's hometown
long walks
listening to more of Mike's stories
tall sand dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan
enjoying the non-stop rest and adventure with Jeff (!!!)

This trip already feels so blessed. All the details came together just like we prayed for.
I feel really fortunate to be able to go on a long, full vacation with my wonderful boyfriend.
It will be full of meaning and substance and irreplaceable memories.

So long, for now! 

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Katrina Hope said...

I love this picture. I thought it was so creative and artsy... and then I started cracking up!! Did it have anything to do with showing everyone that he IS taller? lol.

You two are cute together. ;)