Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This week was full of firsts for me, in no particular order...

I ran my first 5k! To some of you, that might not seem like much, but to me, it was a great accomplishment. I run alot, but it's usually a private matter: it's time alone with God; shaking the cares of the day off; sometimes tears; face into the wind; pounding my frustrations into the pavement; people-watching in the rain.

This was different since it was with 100 more people. I really liked the feeling of the healthy competition. I pushed myself harder than I normally would've.

I turned 31. I've never been 31! So that was a first. :)

And I came home this week to a birthday gift on my front porch: Ms. Pac-Man...the mini arcade game! I plan to conquer this thing!

For my birthday, my girls took me out to French food at La Grand Bistro Americain and I had my FIRST EVER champagne lemon drop. Then I had another, so it was no longer a first. But just as amazing!

Listen to me right now. Try it.

Don't question me.

Just do it.

This next picture has nothing to do with a first, but definitely worth a post.

Just look at those sweet eyes. :)

I've been to M's games many times, but this was my first time in the front row.

Picture this: Ichiro, kicked back, sipping a cold beer, crackin' jokes, not a care in the world.

That's basically what it was like. I was that close! Except he was in uniform, about 50 feet away, totally ignoring me because his head was where it should've been: in the game.

I met a terrorist for the first time - named Bob. He had a knife and was very threatening.

I went to my first meeting at the Kirkland Arts Center as the newest Community Leader. Don't ask me what that means yet. But can a girl still be excited?

And lastly, I got my first pair of original Ray Ban's. Doesn't get more classic than that! I love them!


Anonymous said...

wow-- that a week of adventure! Such good things in store for you! I forgot to ask you last night about your KAC meeting--but sounds like a hit! I think this blog update is one of my favorites, i felt like I went on a little journey through your life and I love that I got to be apart of several if your adventures! Cheers to champ.lemon drops, being one of your girls and running! my new mission and of course last but not least classic fashion--hat tip to your new shades, the summer is bound to be full, of let's see--many firsts? let's just leave it at that and let the list begin!

Rose said...

Con...I forgot to mention I went to my first Regatta...with you!

Let the list begin! So glad to share life with you, friend.

Katrina Hope said...

That picture of you at the M's game is quite possibly my favorite ever- you look glorious... and fun, it captures you beautifully! HAH! And I love that you got a mini arcade game. And can I please try a champagne lemondrop WITH you? Thanks. You're the coolest ;)