Monday, April 25, 2011

The Big Time

Hi guys & gals.
Remember this old picture from my stock photography archives? made it into The Colbert Report in March. How hilarious is that?

I can't find the full episode on Hulu anymore, but the clip I'm in made it to the Colbert Nation website.

Check it out here. I'm 43 seconds in. It's easy to miss, so look closely.

[Special thanks to Danette V.W. for spotting me and leaving me a voicemail telling me about her find: "ROSEANNE RUIZ....You are going to crap your pants...!"]

1 comment:

Gryzing said...

Hahaha Rose you show up in the most random places... like my snail mail! You were totally front and center in my Dice advertisement in front of a fleet of servers.