Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saturday Morn

See this innocent face?

This is Stella, Jen's pup and our house mascot.
Her hobbies include breakfast time, dinner time, cheese chunks and chew toys.

Last Saturday morning, Jen and I heard shrieks coming from somewhere.
Was it a small child? A bird stuck in the chimney? A squeaky toy?

Jen ran out back and found Stella pawing at a small animal.
Here's the scene of the crime.

Stella had found some live chew toys in this small little hole ("warren" to you bunny lovers).

Jen rescued this little guy (don't ask how). He had a broken leg.

We call him "Little Broken Leg".

Then we found his brothers: "Fearful Heart" and "Internal Wound".

What to do, what to do?
They needed to be tended to after flopping around in Stella's mouth and being batted around by her paws. So we put 'em in the shoe box and headed to PAWS...

We dropped them off and felt better about that decision than putting them back out in the wild, vulnerable and wounded.
God bless 'em.


Daniel Mutch said...

Those widdle bunnies are out-of-control cute. I love Stella, but I can't believe she was munching on them!

No poems this month... I guess. =)

joven said...

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