Thursday, November 19, 2009


I've decided to post a few choice photographs from my childhood.

It all started with my dad's hairy leg and split 80's bathrobe.
Not really (cracking up at this photo! what in the world? what am I so confused about?).

Let me begin again.
It all began with a pink onesie.

From there, my love of eating (and sneaking bites when I thought no one was looking) began. Other than looking like a child of Spock, I'm loving my haircut & t-shirt here.

Once a cheesy smile, always a cheesy smile. (That's Ryan & Heather next to me.) And I want to know what's up with all of our mis-shapen diapers?

This one's my favorite. Just crazy! And I'm pretty sure I've had the same haircut since I was two.

Ryan would kill me if he know I posted a pic of him wearing a diaper on his head.


Jaelle Hamann said...

These are beyond adorable! I love this last one. Those big shorts are so cute!!

Leo Marin said...

fotos muy lindas de la falimia.