Monday, July 07, 2008

A Weekend Away

Christy, Connie, Jen and I went to San Juan Island this last weekend.

I suggest at some point in your life, live with 3 good friends. And go on vacations together. And laugh a lot. And toast a lot. And meet lots of people from foreign nations. It's so wonderful.

The pier at Anacortes

We got up at 4am to take this trip.

Where we stayed.

We had dinner at Roche Harbor on the 4th.

We rented these scootery pod things on our last day.


jenny said...

Fun! That last picture had me cracking up :) Love Ya!

LeiLani said...

great pictures! i'm coming next week from the 17th - 22nd!!! come see me! 530-301-7088

Roomate #3 said...

Everytime I see the pic of Jen and I in the scooter I laugh out loud. Everytime!!! HILARIOUS!!

Rachel Sarah said...

Hi Rose - I'm not sure if you know me... I'm at CCMonroe. I just couldn't let this go by without commenting. That last pic with Christy just cracked me up. She looks so serious! And that pic of the four of you is a keeper - all of you look great and like you just love being together.
BTW, John & I were just in Friday Harbor... and his Grandma grew up in Roche Harbor - nostalgia. :>)

Marisa C. said...

Rosie! I love your blog site! The last picture is just hilarious!