Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Diana F+

Has anyone seen my Olympus??? Ackhahh! I'm going crazy looking for it.

Where did I last see it? My office, I think...

Meanwhile, I've been shooting with my Diana F+. Isn't she a beauty?

It's a plastic toy camera with 120 film format, and I think I actually ruined my first roll when I loaded it. I'd forgotten how to do it! It's a bit cumbersome and requires more planning for each shot. BUT... the film that isn't ruined is going to turn out AWESOME. Seriously people - get ready to see some amazing shots! Not because I'm a great photographer - she's just a great camera. And I love her.

She takes photos like this one I found on flickr...

It's a super dreamy, fictional feel.
What do you think?


Rose said...

Yea, I think it's pretty great.

Timothy said...

I think you're famous. And the camera is cool too.

Rose said...

Why am I famous?!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! Thanks for the comment. What book are you reading? Have you watched The Last King of Scotland? It was along those lines, and totally rocked me. You know Brooke Fraser wrote a song called Albertine about a girl in Rwanda. Its powerful and has really stuck with me.

Sun was too funny! I don't know why but the whole BBQ thing just cracked me up.. I think I was thinking this is just not really my cup of tea :-)

Your dream is cool :-) More laughter to come!