Saturday, September 16, 2006


Since the inception of this blog, I've had 413 people view it. It makes me very curious who all those wonderful people could be! Does it mean 413 different people, or does that mean the same 5 people who read my blog have each done it 80 1/2 times? I love clicking the "next blog" button (button?). It would be so fun to stumble across my own!

I hope all my faithful readers, and all of you "next blog" button-pushers have a great weekend.


kristina said...

i've read it 80 1/2 times. i'm certain of it.

ibookalicious said...

Kristina -

It's sad to think you could actually be sitting here with me on my bed, instead of talking via my blog. I'm sad it didn't work out.

BUT...i have a second best idea: for as much wonderful time as you spend commenting, you really should start your own! Now that you have a beautiful, pearly white ibook and all. *insert dancing monkeys* I mean, if you did, I would comment from my ibook to your blog, and be your biggest fan ever!!! C'mon....


Small Beginnings and Boiled Hotdogs said...

I'm a fan of yours - I'm #401. I'm not a faithful fan however, b/c I'm not consistant - but here I am!! TODAY.
That's all that counts.

The Stockwells said...

alright...I admit it. I read your blog. I think you are so very clever and its fun to stay on top of whats going on in your life :) I hope all is well with you!

ryan said...

With my blog, I think it's the same people over and over. I was checking my comments and my blog tag is ryan rose so I actually thought, rose, was my own comment but it took me here. Good luck on being a pirate and writing. I try the penmanship at my blog too, though a tad more on the satirical side,