Monday, May 01, 2006


In your days, do you ever hear a song or smell something that takes you back to your childhood, to memories you haven't thought about since then? I heard a song recently that triggered memories of hard church pews and stained glass windows. It was when the MC's sang a worship song on Wednesday night called "When God Ran". I would've thought it was newly written, except for the memories it brought back. I was going crazy wondering how I knew it. So I called my mom the next day -- and it turns out there was a lady who used to sing that song at our church during offering, when I was 5 or something. It's so interesting to me how many memories are actually in our brains, and that they stay there forever. It only takes something familiar to bring them back up.


jen staab said...

maybe its a sign that we should go get ice cream! (acutally, i think anything is a sign to go get ice cream)

Sabrina said...

So funny, I grew up singing that song in church. I would always make the "grown-ups" cry! ha ha.